Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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I finally decided it was time to start promoting a new Latina site I have developed with my partner for the last month or two. We still have some work to do, and have a lot of movies and pics we wanted to include but not be able to encode, upload, publish, and so on. However, the site has reached a certain level of respectability in terms of quantity and quality of content, and we were both quite pleased with the design and function.

Perhaps the biggest concern now is our ignorance with the handling and publishing of video content. We are struggling with questions such as whether to use Flash / .flv / progressive download movies, or whether to encode the video as a file. Mp4 and try to figure out how to use our streaming server platform. Currently, most of the clips in the movie Latina Hardcore HD triply encoded as. Flv,. Mp4 and. Ogv, and presented in the interface / player with Flash and HTML5 mode. However, neither of us sure what this all means, let alone capable of analysis of costs and benefits of this system compared to the alternatives.

This question seems important today, considering the site Latina is heading toward "tube" porn sites provide high-resolution video content (HD). I am assuming this HD aspect affects the right choice format film, but I'm not sure exactly how. We will continue to work and learn, and hopefully find something to do soon. Feel free to visit the site if you have a taste for hardcore Latina porn in HD. As mentioned, it is absolutely free, and contains a generous amount of porn pics and movies, featuring an assortment of hot pornstars, amateurs, and cam girl. We try to be very selective, including only a fairly high resolution content (at least on the internet site) as HD porn. Cordially invites you to check it out, and give feedback if you feel so inclined.

Here are some images of the free porno movie Latina Hardcore HD. These clips are a little different in resolution / technical quality, and long range from 3 to 10 minutes, but all definitely top quality porn movies, with resolution higher-than-typical and super-hot Latina players.